Using MemPooler to Schedule Bids

We at SkyInclude love to highlight various tools and developers in the community.

Durendil is doing amazing things for the community and has put together a tool to help you schedule bids and also reveals.He’s also a top TLD owner with an impressive portfolio - so he knows what he is doing when it comes to bidding!We have been using this to schedule bids and it is a true advantage - so let’s go through it - as simple and non-technical as possible - but warning - it iis pretty technical (in my non technical point of view).
*** Note on the lockup of coin step - this needs to be repeated for EACH prevout in the transaction *** In the video I only did it one time, but you need to check the transaction and for each prevout in it, you need to do a lockup on that one.


  • You need Bob Wallet

  • You need a way to prepare “signed transactions” and I used Postman (per the recommendation and Telegram chat help from Durendil)

So here’s the steps:

We’re scheduling this one for gfa/ name - which is our acronym for Global From Asia (3L) - really hope we win this one and putting all we have at this auction.

Step 1: Pick a name (duh!)

Step 2: Go to postman (you need to install the app as well as use the browser)

I created collections, one for the bidding, and another for the lockup (we will discuss that part 2)
In the collection, I create a new “request” - this is the “Signed transaction” we are making to send to the Handshake blockchain.

Choose POST from the dropdown

Copy this line:

Change these:
A) Change the API key with the bob wallet API key

B) Change the username from skyinclude/ to your username in bob Wallet

Step 3: Click into body section

Note: I made a mistake when I first did this and had things in the parameters - that is wrong.

Paste this
{ "passphrase" : “yourpasswordinbob”, "sign":true, "broadcast": false, "name”:”gfa”, "bid":35000000,"lockup":150000000}

Now - these are the variables you will change
A) yourpasswordinbob = your Bob wallet password on this computer you are using. Sorry I’m not giving you my password 😉
B) name: this is the TLD - in this case it is GFA
C) bid = the BID - in dollarydoos (6 0’s is 1 dollarydoo)
D) lockup = BID + mask (not just mask, this is the total amount of bid + mask)

The video tutorial I hope iis easier to understand.

Step 4: Send

It should work! If you have bob (each time you reset bob the API is different)
And you need Postman installed on your computer.
Those have been the 2 issues
Or you don’t have enough funds.

(This is basically sending your bid - but notice the “broadcast = false” because we are putting this into Mempooler to send later.)

Step 5: Response will have a bunch of code

You need to scroll down to the bottom and find the HEX value.

Copy this

Step 6: Go to Mempooler

He has it on both HNS and DNS
I use the DNS one

Step 7: Ensure you are “whitelisted”

Durendil has this only open to those who get accepted. I’m already in and using it

Step 8: 2 fields

A) block height - when do you want to send this

So I go to Namebase (or and find the last block to send the transaction
So for GFA
It is block 54184
BUT - do I send it on the LAST block?
No, at least 1 block before - it is scary to be honest, so you can do 2 blocks before just to monitor and make sure. If its a name you care about or you are learning this - maybe even earlier.
Again this is your decision and your strategy.

Paste the hex code from Postman.


Step 9: Lockup the coin for the transaction

Now this one is trickier to understand - but you just need to do it. You gotta make sure the Bob wallet holds the funds - doing ANYTHING like a reveal, a bid, etc will interrupt the scheduling here if you do not sign the transaction.

I used to think - well I have enough HNS to do “normal” bidding and this scheduled - but the scheduled didn’t go through because even though it had enough HNS in bob, the coins were off. I dont understand this enough to explain but just take my word for it and SIGN It.

It is simple -

From the transaction you just sent:
Click to “your transactions”
Click on this transaction you want
Scroll in the code to the “prevout” section
Copy the hash
Copy the index (a single digit)

Step 10: Go back to Postman

You’ll need to make another request (I put it in a different collection)

Make a PUT request

* API key of bob (same as the other request above)
* Wallet name (ours here is skyinclude)
* Hash (what you copied from previous step)
* Index (the single digit you copied from previous step)

It should show success.
If error - is postman installed? Is the API correct (if you reset bob it changes).


Now the hard part - TRUSTING the system. But if you have it in the pending transactions and in the signed transaction, you should be good to go.

We also keep a google spreadsheet to track and it is a good way to track.

It gets more complex with scheduling more than 1 at a time. You can also use node Js - but I have not gotten there.

Again this is a beginner / first time users guide for Mempooler

Thank you Durendil for making this, it has helped me win names while I was sleeping.