Mona: Accept HNS (Handshake) Payments with Wordpress WooCommerce Plugin

Looking for a way to accept Handshake on your web shop? We at SkyInclude (via our parent company Shadstone) partnered up with a developer in the community, Xing Yue, to make a solution

We call it (her!) Mona/ ( a Woo Commerce (ecommerce store plugin for Wordpress) to accept Handshake HNS payments.

For those who know Wordpress, the beauty is it is free and open source! And this is a ready made plugin you can simply upload to your Woo-commerce ready Wordpress site.

Today we will go through the BETA of it. Expect this to be upgraded regularly and your feedback is appreciated.

If you want to see a live implementation of this, we are building out (and hopeully soon shop.skyinclude/) to allow people who enjoy SkyInclude to buy some of our gear and book paid consultation calls with us.

So check it out today at or


Mona/ is your friend. She understands the needs of Handshake users, and her first product is an easy to use payment solution on Wordpress to accept HNS.

“Mona/ Wordpress Plugin for Woocommerce to Accept HNS” was developed by v1xingyue and Skyinclude/ under the parent company Shadstone Limited.

It is a plugin on Wordpress for Woo Commerce shop operators to easily accept HNS as a payment option.

How does it work?

For Ecommerce Store Operators:

Note: You need to have a wordpress website with WooCommerce in order to use this plugin.

Step 1: Signup and create a wallet on Mona/

Go to and login or create an account. You’ll signin with your Handshake name (TLD or SLD) and that will be your login name. You’ll get a seed phrase and create a password.

*** Keep your seed phrase safe, same as any crypto wallet ***

Step 2: Activate and Save Your app secret and API key.

You need to go to the API key screen and then SAVE. (If you don’t click save, the api key will reset)

Step 3: Install / upload the Mona/ HNS pay plugin to your Wordpress site.

Go to your wp-admin of your wordpress site, and plugins and upload the zip we have. (We have not yet submitted this to the woocommerce plugin directory) go to WooCommece Settings - Payment Settings - and configure:

Your login name = your HNS name you signed up for API Key - the one you SAVED App secret - the one you SAVED.

Activate/turn on this HNS pay as a payment method.

Step 4: Turn your shop into an HNS receiving machine!

Use this to accept the USD real time conversion of HNS in your site. For selling physical products, digital products, even can try to sell your HNS TLD or SLD (but the transfer of the name would be manual for now.)

Step 5: Give feedback, donate, contribute

Let us know what you think - and your feedback is appreciated.
Or buy us a cup of coffee (and experience the customer side of buying on the shopping cart using HNS )
at )