The .music Name Collision Was Settled to the ICANN Owner

Update - Confirmation on Twitter

This is confirmation from .music ICANN owner he has the HNS name

Big props to Tom Barrett from @EnCirca for helping us secure the .MUSIC Handshake @HNS TLD in favor of .MUSIC. Big thank you to @chjango for getting this resolution started and many others, such as @eskimo_dev and @foap. Took a while but we did it! Kudos to all involved 🫶🙏🙌🎶

EnCirca helps secure Handshake TLD for ICANN Operator. Just a few more to go!
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Great news to get 2024 started - the .music name collision between HNS .music and ICANN .music was settled over the holidays.

A bit of background (from our insights here at SkyInclude) is that music/ on HNS was one of the few collisions in the ICANN / web2 / normal TLD world due to some confusion in the story of .music by ICANN (delays and other items). So when the founders of HNS created the master list of TLDs, they didn’t notice music was pending in ICANN.

We know that it was not intentional, but the way blockchain works, once something is created / issued, it cannot just be “deleted”.

Over the years, there has been many attempts to help settle this collision, and in 2023 on Twitter it was discovered who in HNS had the .music, and that he/she had no idea music was on ICANN already and paid for it “fair and square” in the HNS vickrey auction process with his/her hard earned HNS.

The music/ owner on HNS was willing to sell it to the ICANN music owner for the same price he/she paid for it, and there had been various chats back and forth.

It somewhat stalled, and Mike saw in a Telegram group about this and then Tom Barrett from Encirca said he worked with .music on ICANN side and can help with finishing the deal.

So an escrow was made with Encirca and the name was sent and I have confirmation from the HNS music/ owner that he received his funds from the escrow.

This is great because it removes one of the biggest maybe “mistakes” in the HNS blockchain creation - a naming collision which was never intentional.

Thank you to the HNS owner of music for making that deal and “taking one for the team” by selling it at your original cost. This is for the greater good and further shows how we are in this for the long term and not the short term extortion of money.

Cheers to the HNS community.