Transferring HNS Between Users In Namebase

Looking to transfer HNS funds between users or wallets?

This video is for you:

Now, hope that convinces you

Let’s get into how to do this!

  • First you’ll need your HNS wallet address.

    You (or the person you are sending it to) will copy the HNS address from their dashboard on Namebase (or whichever HNS wallet you are using).  This address is for 1 time use only - so don’t put it on a website or in your payment instructions, as it won’t work multiple times.

  • Now - to send HNS, or to have someone send HNS to you, without a fee (from Namebase account to another Namebase account)

    Simply go into PRODUCTS - Namebase Pro - and go to withdraw. Don’t use BTC, but go to HNS - and put in the HNS amount. Then the wallet address you are sending it to.

  • Done! You will see a transaction on your history (on the dashboard)

    From our experience, within just a few minutes, the person receiving the HNS will see it on their account and transaction history. But please note - the wallet address is different the next time - so each time this is done - you will need to copy the newest wallet address.