Overview of Namebase for Bidding, Buying, and Selling Handshake Domains

This is an overview video of how to get started and use Namebase.

The team at Namebase has done a fantastic job of bringing Handshake domains to the masses. It is how we at SkyInclude got started and many others in our network. 

Main Functions:

  • Open an account and getting verified

    Have an account, be verified, and eventually funding your account

  • Searching for Handshake domains

    You can do it 1 by 1 (manually), or if you have a list of domains, you can do a power search.

  • Opening an Auction

    Have a name you want, that isn’t yet on the market? If this is past Feb 14, 2021, then all the names will be “unlocked” and you can open an auction on all of them. Right now we have 2 more months, so some domains you find may need to wait until one of those dates before Feb 14 - but most likely now almost all are either claimed or auctioned - so if not - you can open the auction.

  • Using the marketplace

    Don’t want to wait for an auction, or see a name that is already claimed and want to buy it? You can buy it off the market, or make an offer (if the owner allows it). Or, you have a name and want to sell it - go ahead and list it on the marketplace. There is a 3% commission for the seller.

  • Products

    In addition to buying and selling Handshake domains. There are more products coming out from Namebase, here are a couple as of the end of December:

  • Namebase Pro - this is a sweet looking buy/sell platform for HNS. Use this to buy and sell your HNS in your Namebase account, for USD and BTC.
  • Redirects - when you buy a Handshake domain, you should at least go to this product and have it redirect - to either a “normal” website, or to another Handshake domain you have hosted.
  • DLinks - make your profile and have it hosted on Sia Skynet to participate and make your first steps in the decentralized internet and web 3.0!