Navigating Niami Handshake Portfolio $HNS

Massive Niami Upgrade - Feb 2022

Wow, great work Niami team, and inspired a new video on SkyInclude/ for this

Watch the video now!

The full and original tweet from Niami:

niami update feb 2022

Main highlights:

  • You can CREATE an account on Niami, with your Bob Wallet chrome extension wallet, Meta Mask, or email address!
  • You can create a portfolio of your names - to showcase, to help you sell, and to organize.
  • You can add your contact information on your portfolio
  • You can add your contact information and name on your TLD name
  • And so much more!

Template for setting your info onchain:

Set TXT values to:

avatar=[link] github=[link] twitter=[handle] discord=[handle] email=[address]

Finding Handshake Domain Opportunities with

Looking to get some good Handshake names and don’t want to battle in the auctions?

Check out this gem -

It uses a propriety algorithm based on various factors to come up with a domain score.

New and improved Niami - August 2021

Nice updates from Niami - worth a new video

  • Dashboard now shows best value (according to its algorithm)
  • Can see recently added (crawled) to find new opportunities

Watch this video - and if it is your first time to know about - check it out for real diamonds (not sure why I’m giving up my secrets lol!)

How to Find Handshake Domain Opportunities

Check out this video where we give insights on how to find hidden gems in Handshake sites.

The score is from 0 (lowest) to 1,000 (highest)

With that in mind, some of the scores don’t make sense (we own chatbot/ for example and it is rated 320, we feel at least this should be rare, search volume alone!)

But it definitely helps you filter and find gems in the sea of domains coming out.

Also, we wish you could use it to score a domain before the auction is over, but the system only scores those which have completed auction and settled after reveal.

Be Part of the New Internet

  • The Cream of the Crop

    Legendary - score 800 - 1000

  • Pretty Amazing

    Epic - score 700 - 799

  • Definitely Great

    Rare - score 600 - 699

  • I’d say great!

    Common - score 500 - 599

  • Default

    Less than 500

Filter By Category, Sort By Price

The most clear is to check out the common, rare, epic, and legendary and sort by price.

We have picked up amazing deals (in our opinion, this is still early stage, high risk investing).

Once you see a domain you like, you can click into the details of it and then to buy, it redirects you to Namebase to buy it.

Sort By Score

You can also see the top scoring domains in that category, to get an idea of the best (according to the system) that are available.

Note, these are only ones that are listed for sale.

We hope this gives you some ideas and inspiration on your domain hunt. We truly feel this is the new internet and this is a massive “land grab” opportunity.

Good luck and happy hunting!