1 year Recap of Handshake HNS Blockchain

We are past the 1 year mark of the Handshake blockchain “genesis” block (first block on the blockchain) and wow, a lot has happened.

 So a ton has happened.

The team here at SkyInclude only got involved in Handshake (even heard about it) in October 2020. Let’s tune in:


We helped create the amazing 1 year anniversary website at http://review.handshake.hns.to and want to make a quick video to explain each of those milestones - to make it easier for people new to Handshake to understand.

If you prefer to read it and check the links instead of watching a video  - head on over to http://review.handshake.hns.to

Check the website

Also - we noticed HNS Fans made a Chinese version