Using a Page Builder in Handshake

This is a 2 part video tutorial as it is 2 distinct different procedures.

Part 1

We will go over how to make a simple one page webpage. This can be really done in anything, all the way back to Microsoft FrontPage software we used in 1999. Nothing really special here, just make a html/css webpage. But we will give you a few of the easier options that is in the Handshake community.

Part 2

This is the more “magical” part - we will show you how to upload it and sync it on the dWeb, the decentralized internet - currently the Skynet by Sia.

Are you ready?

So let’s get started!


In the first section for making a webpage, there are 3 we will discuss (1) Namebase’s dLink product, (2) Sinpapeles Profile Builder , (3) Our SkyInclude Wordpress Hosted Package for those who like using Wordpress. But keep in mind, you can make any website anywhere - and we have quite a bit of tutorials on using Vercel and other platforms - the trickier part is the second tutorial - which is uploading and syncing in the dWeb.

Using Namebase’s dLink profile builder. Login to your Namebase account, go to products - dLinks. Choose the domain you’d like to build on, and if you want to build on the “bare” TLD (no subdomain), or a subdomain. 

The builder is very smooth and “wysiwyg” (What you see is what you get) with a mobile first design. The main function is to put a profile photo, a bio, and a list of links to your social and other major sites on the web.

In the second tutorial we will go over how to upload this to the dWeb - but the product is so simple - clicking the publish takes care of it. But we do think it is a separate process and procedure to understand.

Using Sinpapeles page builder. Go to and choose Create or import. 

Creating - Very similar to dLinks look and style, you choose a photo, bio, links, and theme.

Importing is quite nifty - if you have already made one in the past, you can import it via the skyDB link

And the third, is using Wordpress hosted on Skyinclude (our company’s solution). We are in beta so you need to apply, but once approved, you get your own “staging” server on Wordpress and build just like any other wordpress site. Once done, check the box to use “relative” URLs and you export it as a zip.

Congrats - you have made a profile or a basic website in html and css!

Now, tune in to the second video tutorial where we go through the process of getting these sites onto the Decentralized internet.