Polka Naming System (PNS)

$NAME token for domain registration and renewal

Polka Domain’s competitor research (they didn’t notice / include Handshake?)

Polka’s Pricing Model:

Yearly fee (to avoid squatting) and seems it is more about a normal domain rather than the root zone. Not much on the medium blog so far, they say more is coming and are focused on their public NAME sale.

To minimalize risks of fraud, phishing, or other types of brand confusion PolkaDomain will reserve existing trademarked domain names for future DNS integration on PolkaDomain for free.

To avoid a scenario a small group of people is holding majority of the domains PolkaDomain will introduce an annual fee system for domains with the option of paying for multiple years ahead of the time. Once registered, the annual fee will not increase down the road.

Inactive/overdued domains go public after a grace period and become available for grabs under dutch auction.

PolkaDomain plans to periodically release premium domains for auctions. Which is the most intuitive and fair way to price rare and exclusive domains.

For inspiration on Handshake – check out “Soft Fork

About Cross Chain – Handshake Working on this a few ways

Articles about that:


Flare Integration for SLD and domain tokenization
HandyCon presentation: