Overview of PowerDNS

I was thinking of the overview and screen sharing of WHMCS first - but then again - PowerDNS I want to go over and here is the use cases:

  • Adding our own SLDs - one reason we held back from submitting TLDs to stake was - we are actually using our TLDs for a few SLDs. For example, handshake.mastermind and handshake.mercenary. Using our own solution here, we have the ability to reserve these in use before opening things up.
  • Porting our DNS settings to PowerDNS before updating the TLD records on chain. Also we want to ensure as little (or no) downtime when we move to this solution from other solutions (we have some on (((a href /namebase )))Namebase DNS (end a href)), some on (((a href /hshub) HShub ((end ahrefs), and (a href /sinpa )Sinpapeles (end href).
  • PowerDNS registry is where the “magic happens” - as we have been learning the integration of the registrar to the registry - we realize the registry is really what is controlling the domains and the DNS settings. So by being familiar with PowerDNS first, the WHMCS registrar is simply sending the information thee user puts to the registry (which here is PowerDNS).
  • Hidden TLDs - one strategy you have heard me mention is using these for memberships and communities. But I dont want to show those TLDs for sale to the public, as I want to issue them only to those who are approved. You can add these to the PowerDNS registry as a solution for this and do a few different strategies we can discuss in the video.

So the key to understanding domains is the connection of the:

User - registrant - customer buying the domain name
Front end - registrar - shopping cart and distributor of the domain name sales
Back end - registry - the database and final truth of the domains issued and the settings of these domains.

You could simply skip the registrant and registrar if you simply want to issue and host your own SLDs on your own TLD. To sell or issue SLDs, you would then need the registrar so that registrants can buy it.

Updates on the UI:
We have on development server the new homepage of SkyInclude (we will preview in this video). Still customizing the registrar front end with the tweaks we have in the specification document.

Some tips:
This is where you can enter your own SLDs that you want to use. For us, we have SLDs (domains) setup on these TLDs - such as handshake.mercenary that we want to maintain. We think it is good marketing to have active websites and building on a TLD with an active SLD for overall promotion of the TLD for other registrants.