Bob Wallet - Signatures

Bob Wallet just released version 0.8.0 which has quite a few upgrades:


Today, i’ll talk about the new Signatures feature:

Matt lets us test it out:

You can verify this message was signed by whoever owns `pinheadmz` on Handshake:

"It is July 16 2021. I am @matthewzipkin on twitter and I own the HNS name pinheadmz"



What is it exactly? How to Use This?

Via Matt Zipkin -

You can imagine lots of ways to use this:

- A service that requires a name owner to prove something (name, email, auction listing location, etc) An example is a website could require you to sign a challenge string with your handshake name to login. Or you could sign an email message with your handshake name to verify your identity.

- A service that offers rewards to users that own their own names with their own private keys instead of using Namebase 😉