Sinpa Boost How It Works & Why To Use It

This is the paid upgrade of Sinpa's hosting for Handshake sites. We set it up for our .owners/ name and prepare subdomains - from payment to host in this demo!

Let’s get into how to do this!

  • Log In and Pay for Boost

    Login at:, then pay for boost to unlock:

  • Subdomains

    Email (coming soon) and delegate access (our wishlist). We want to make subdomains for owners/ TLD – as this project we are so very excited about. So we picked 3 month’s @ 2usd/month – or 6USD today

  • Checkout – redirects to coinbase

    Pay with BTC. We used a mobile wallet, MyCelium, scanned the QR code and sent the BTC. It needs to be verified on the Bitcoin blockchain.

  • Add Subdomains

    Once unlocked, we can now add subdomains to either redirect or host or use a Sia skylink.