Gifting SLDs (“normal domains”) to others in Namebase

Exciting new feature- tons of stuff coming out in Summer 2021 for Handshake!

Here we have the ability to gift a SLD (the left of the “dot”), basically a “normal” domain.

Before this, you were only able to gift an entire TLD.

The Namer News post by Anthony Liu, the Namebase co-founder, CTO

Digging in to this - for now - the best use case is “login with Handshake”.

So what I could do with the SkyInclude TLD is issue people SLDs like:


And she can login to Namer News with that account from her own Namebase account.

This is a great solution for those using teams or communities with a naming system, to prove that this user is actually part of that organization.

To have this SLD gift receiver update the DNS records, they would need to know and use CLI (command line interface) to edit TXT records and CNAME, etc

In the future they said the GUI (easy to use, web) system will also allow people to update the SLD records in Namebase’s website directly.

Finally more ways to use SLDs on Handshake. As we see TLD value grow and the competition grow - having more SLD options makes sense. Thanks Namebase!