Buying and Selling SLD Domains on Handshake

Handshake blockchain is a TLD blockchain - meaning it exists only for registering and tracking the updates of TLD (top level domains) - SLDs are a new frontier in Handshake.

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But the big excitement from many in the Handshake community is the ability to buy and sell SLDs on the market.

Today we thought the team here at Sky Include could shed some light and insights on

What is currently out there, How it could work, and The future.

Making SLD and TLD Case Clear

So for those reading this confused with references to SLD and TLD - let’s get it straight here:

TLD - top level domain
SLD - second level domain (what most of us have been buying - technically renting on a yearly basis)
Subdomain - this gets confusing now - but in a way what we call a subdomain is almost really a tri-domain(?)- as it is a domain under a SLD. We are seeing people now using subdomain to represent SLD in this Handshake market.

Make a quick illustration here, if you are on our HNS site - it is http://setup.skyinclude - and the setup is the SLD, and the skyinclude is the TLD:

The reason we are not too familiar with TLD as it is a very expensive and difficult process for most of us to open. It costs around $185,000 USD application fee with ICANN to even be considered (doesn’t mean paying will guarantee it) and then there is a lot more.

With Handshake, the idea is TLDs should be issued and traded in a decentralized way (on the blockchain) rather than being centralized by one body (ICANN). So now, in 2020 and going into the future, anyone can buy or sell a TLD

Owning a Handshake TLD Is Updates for the TLD Only

So what we are learning now, the current Handshake blockchain only records ownership and DNS at the TLD level.

Meaning, if you want to issue / giveaway / sell someone a theircompanyname.yourTLD, this would not be recorded on the Handshake blockchain - as that is a SLD record on your TLD.

This means, from our conversation with more technical people in the space, that there could be an “expansion” of the Handshake blockchain to include and record SLD, or simply those who have TLDs will need to have other methods to record and store the SLD records they issue.

In other words, most likely we are going to have new ways to maintain database / blockchains of the owners of specific SLDs in our Handshake TLDs.

The Establishment of Gateway IO for Handshake Domains

The team at has been an early adopter and proponent of Handshake and has been doing amazing things. They made the dedicated site that is selling domains from those Handshake TLD owners.

Checking the pricing page, you can see various prices (annual) for these domains. A far ranging price from 10usd/year (.tni, .holding) to 450usd/year (gin), and word out is people are already buying some of these names.

Exciting times for Handshake TLD owners, as the holy grail of any business is recurring revenue.

Some of the technicalities of is a registrar that sells SLDs on Handshake names, like 101domain or Encrica is licensing the registry to Namebase so they can sell SLDs for their customers. The registry is run by the ex-CTO of the .io registry (he ran the .io registry for 10 years)

Question From Youtube

Hey mike.. where can I go to learn about creating a sld for my TLD . Do I just type in example.OwnedTLD into domain search or is there another way. Thank you. I want to start creating websites under my TLD thank you. If you answered this already sry just remind me where to find it lol Cryptechology Future_

8 hours ago March 29, 2021

SkyInclude reply:

thanks for the comment and watching the vids! I wish I had a 100% simple, straight forward answer - but it depends on where your TLD is (90% chance you have it on namebase?) and then it depends on what hosting you want to use - if you want an "easy hack" use dlinks -

if you want to build a wordpress site, I'd check out - hosting on wordpress

but there are so many ways.... depends on how customized and technical you want it to be - hope this helps.

Cryptechology Future_
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Cryptechology Future_
27 minutes ago
@Sky Include thanks bud! This was extremely helpful. I appreciate the help likes always. I had some fun today on namebase. Getting myself some more domains auctions started. And was able to win 2 more domain names. But lost like 5 lol haha. Ugh I still have alot more I am waiting on the Reveal. But had some big bidders come in at the last min on me. So we shall see.


Sky Include

Sky Include
Sky Include
1 second ago
@Cryptechology Future_ my pleasure - if you're more technical and use github - fleek just started to support Handshake HNS domains on TLD or SLD level -

as for auctions...ya man, super stressful - I recommend focusing on (opening) 1 name at a time or dividing up your budget so you don't get a bunch of last minute big biddeers (theey normally wait til the end)

What Are Your Plans For Your Handshake TLDs?

As the SLD market (domains) heats up for Handshake TLDs (aka domains) - what are your thoughts? For now we need to have special browsers or extensions to view these sites and they are not yet natively in Google search results.

But owning a TLD or an SLD, there is a ton of potential in the “new internet”.

While selling SLDs is awesome, we see even more power and options for these Handshake TLD domains - in Dapps (decentralized apps) and usernames on social networks around an entire TLD - there is a ton of use cases for these sites.

We’d love to hear your insights and ideas as well.

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