Differences of .btc Bitcoin / Stacks domains (BNS) and Handshake HNS TLDs

Another Blockchain Naming System - .btc by the Stacks foundation came out in early June 2021.

I register skyinclude.btc and show you how I do it in today’s video.

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Seems similar to the .Id ones (OneName) issued previously


That app used the .id namespace, the .id names are still valid on Stacks apps.

.btc is a separate/new namespace using a Clarity lang smart contract and a registrar (http://btc.us) for it.

Community members showed interest in a namespace that ties better with BTC.

Reason it is so slow - Mined in Tandem with Bitcoin blocks


Why are transactions not going through? Been waiting 30+ mins. Will my pre-ordered domains be mine? Or are they not confirmed?

Stacks blocks are mined in tandem with Bitcoin blocks, so transactions confirm as quickly as Bitcoin blocks. Just because a transaction is listed as pending doesn’t mean that it won’t go through — it just means that there isn’t a Stacks block mined yet that confirms them.