Creating Stargaze 1/1 Collection – I Love Mommy

Sharing Experience Making a Family NFT collection

The kids are painting every week!

And I’ve been wanting to make a Stargaze NFT collection - and it is Mother’s Day - so combining that all together - let's do this!

The main steps are

1) thinking of the artwork you will make. Name them in number order from 1 upwards.
2) think of the meta data structure - attributes. And then make the json files. Match the number of the meta data file to the image file number.
3) fill out the information on the 1/1 collection form, and upload the images and meta data.
4) mint!

Once you get the hang of it, not very difficult. Though I need to see how these tools create 10,000, etc. But for low quantity NFT collections, you can make them 1 by 1.

For the meta data, you can follow this as a template

  "attributes": [
      "trait_type": "for",
      "value": "daddy"
      "trait_type": "artist",
      "value": "maggie"
  "description": "So my Daddy Likes Flamingos. I see him in the middle of the night wearing flamingo sunglasses and talking to people on his laptop. So I made this for him.",
  "external_url": "",
  "name": "My Daddy Likes Flamingos"

Step 1 Navigate to the NFT Creation Page in Stargaze Studio

Go to

Also make sure to click into their documentation, it is very clear! Our Skyinclude video is very basic compared to their complete play by play.

Stargaze - step 1

Step 2 - Upload the Images (content) and the meta data files

Make sure the file names are numbered, and the metadata file names are also numbers (and match the data file names)
Stargaze - step 2

Step 3 Configure Royalty and Mint!

Also the cover art. I believe a square is the ideal size but do not see a recommended dimension.

You can also do no royalty.

Once you have it all ready, you can click mint.

Stargaze - step 3

Cost To Make This NFT collection

Was 250 STARS to create the collection plus 5 Stars each NFT minted.

Of course the cost for the kids to paint these - we paid 500 baht per kid per class pus their time and education.

So we are discussing as a family how much to sell these for.

Check out The I Love Mommy NFT Collection on Stargaze Marketplace

You can see the link here for this collection on the stargaze marketplace.

Buy the kids artwork + support!

Also, read my personal blog post on it here.