Transferring a Github Pages Site for Handshake

We use Github pages. To transfer- get your github username (or signup free) and send it to us, with the receipt of your purchase of the site to

Transferring a Github Pages Site to Another Account

If you are using Github pages to build and maintain your site (like we have at home.skyinclude) - and if you sell or transfer your Handshake name - if you want the new owner to be able to use that site - this is how you would do it.

Take the Site

Did you buy a HNS TLD from us and want to take the site content with it?
No problem - we can push the Github page site to you free of charge.

Step 1:

Get your GitHub account (it is free if you don’t have one already)

Step 2:

Email us your sales receipt of the site you purchased from us along with your Github ID.

Step 3:

We will push the GitHub site to you

Step 4:

Check your Github account’s email for a link to accept this site.

Step 5:

Done! You can now edit your site content in Github Pages.

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