Venture Seed Web3 Startup Showcase

Handshake Startup Showcase

VentureSeed, the investment division of SkyInclude, is hosting a startup showcase of people building and creating in the Handshake ecosystem.

We will be accepting applications to pitch and will be recording this to help share this across the SkyInclude channels as well as the Handshake ecosystem as well.

How does it work?

We will use our Airmeet account to have startups come and share for 5 minutes what they are working on - with or without a screen share.

This will also be streamed to a Twitter Spaces for reach

After the 5 minute pitch, we will have 5 minutes of feedback and Q&A from the audience

We also encourage those who have already pitched, or already introduced their startup or project, to come and share. This is a platform to help get exposure and hopefully investment, team building, customers, and feedback.

Once the startup pitches are over, we will go to the mastermind tables at the Airmeet for networking and deal making.

If you are interested to share, please complete this form:

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