Building on Vercel

Connecting Your Handshake Site to Vercel

Here’s the process we go through to setup a website on vercel hosting

You can create a free account, no credit card required.

Connect your Github.

I connect all repo (GitHubs) to Vercel, but you can be selective about which repo is authorized to connect to vercel.

Make a new site

Choose template

Choose the framework - most common are next JS, gatsby, and I am personally spending more time on Hugo.

Let it install

Go to Vercel app settings, domains, and add it on

I am only able to get it to work on a SLD, not TLD level (meaning SLD.TLD, not just TLD/)

That means - pick a “subdomain” essentially (but it really is a SLD) and then your TLD.

My.evergreen is an example

So use the CNAME DNS

Copy that CNAME record

Go to Namebase (or wherever you will host the DNS of your Handshake TLD)

And go to the DNS settings and add a CNAME with the SLD and then the put the SLD name and then the Vercel Cname record


Now - this part tricked me for a while - but you need to re-save / re-deploy the site on vercel to get the DNS to recognize.

Customize it - for non-IT people - you can edit it in your GitHub account.

Then it will re-deploy in Vercel.

Then it should resolve on the Handshake, but you may need to wait up to a few hours (or longer)

Tool for converting non-English to some text you can use in DNS settings, etc
It is called Puny

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