Handshake’s Vietnam Hackathon!

So we are here in Hanoi, Vietnam for the first-ever Handshake hackathon. Let’s dive in!

Winners of April 2024’s First Hackathon

So the winners are announced!

LANN mail - email winner.

To the Moon - email runner-up

OXdead - email runner up

BluesS - social media winner

TechTack - doc bundle app, consolation prize

We all know magic happens when in-person, human, interactions happen - and we are excited to say Arrene/ from Augrey has worked super hard to put this one together - next weekend!

Anne and I will be coming from Skyinclude, and I had the our team from Loadpipe join as a sponsor - and we are excited to see this come together.

There will also be some great OG Handshakers in attendance, as well as hundred+ developers from the local Vietnam community participating.

We will work on streaming some of this, and of course making some video and documentary content.

You can learn more at https://hackathonvietnam.org.

Also - the team at Skyinclude hopes to support more Handshake hackathons - and has put together this page: