Help Contribute to the Handshake W3C

Help Contribute to the Handshake W3C

As the first year auction process of Handshake comes close to wrapping up, we need to divert our energy from bidding and auctions and more into getting more adoption.

If you’ve invested in HNS and Handshake domains, then you want this to happen - you are a director!

Rafael Couto has done amazing work and gotten the process started for inclusion and documentation of Handshake (HNS) in the W3C.

What is the W3C?

W3C stands for the World Wide Web Consortium and its homepage is

Its main purpose is to develop protocols and guidelines to ensure the long term growth of the Internet.

Pretty big role, huh!

Getting Handshake’s Documentation Is Important

So those serious about getting more adoption of Handshake on browsers and in the internet should take this serious.

And we need your help!

We have a spot allocated on the W3C to add our documentation ->

and Rafael has also found an existing documentation that we can use as a base foundation.
this is the spec we can "translate"
and this is the gitrep with it's content

So essentially, we need to “translate” this similar documentation to fit into our Handshake standards.

How to Help - We Need Your Help!

Do you like to help make documentation? Or know someone? Or are willing to pitch in resources (team, funds) to help make this happen.

We are all directors of Handshake, from the first day of getting some coin or receiving a Handshake domain - so we all need to pick up some responsibility as well.

Reach out to Rafael today to schedule a call, or visit his profile at Raf.

Let’s make this happen!