Speaking at WDMS In Oman About Handshake community & BITMAIN

Had the pleasure to represent the Handshake community and speak at the WDMS (World Digital Mining Summit) conference by BITMAIN here in Muscat, Oman on Thursday March 28, 2024

You can download my slides here:

Download Slides

And we snagged a recording for all of you!

Thank you BITMAIN for supporting Handshake, a truly decentralized community building the foundation of the internet on the blockchain - to be owned by the people.

Also - if you want to check out my personal vlog at MikesBlog.com/oman check it out!

Insights From Others at the Event

Also here is some amazing notes from some of the other influencers and attendees in a secret Telegram group (wanted to share)

This workshop, I learned @laylacase ‘s impressive influence and admirable efforts in WEB3 popularity. And Faris ‘s first speech is wonderful! Love @michelini ‘s energy (looking forward to the coming hackathon too. Gonna be amazing)! And wish @mattQuinn @sidhujag ‘s talents could make BTC tech infra better! BTW love all cats showing up in CKB’s ppt😂

For LATAM Pow builders’ hackathon Wally and @ErnestoContrer (where is mi amigo Wally’s TG then haha) could connect with Mike @michelini ! Amazing Ernesto held Venezuela’s biggest hackathon and web3 conference before.

— Crypto truly changed my life and made me go deep into it until one day I decided to invest.
— I met the CEO of Exahertz and he served as a mentor for me and he opened my eyes for eyes. And I visited the mining infrastructure in Salalah.
— We will found a crypto education program for the Omani youth to be able to adapt as fast as possible.

Layla Mining
— As a KOL, you can get your equipment and that will help you grow so fast
— We are really focused on the Arabic mining market and we help them start mining

Matt Quinn — CKB
— Layer 2 has unlocked a lot of innovation
— Bitcoin establishes trust and proves the need to trust each other.
— CKB adds flexibility and scalability to Bitcoin proof of work.

— Layer 0 is the middle ware to program the Bitcoin.
— You can have majority security or side chain security.
— Rollux adds finality and this way it creates security
— EVM is the smartest part of Ethereum
— We spent more than 10 years researching and developing

My First Bitcoin
— Bitcoin Diploma is being taught in every single Public school in El Salvador
— More than 25000 people have graduated with an education in Bitcoin in El Salvador
— This book is open source, everyone can see it. Community translated in 21 languages.
We try to educate the whole world on what is money

Song Ting
— I used artificial intelligence to make my own ring and necklace.
— Jensen Huang will be the first one to wear my creation
— We will use POW to make the world a better place

Mike Michelini
— Bitcoin, BITMAIN, Handshake changed my life
— Anyone that owns an HNS coin is an HNS Director