Why am I a director of Handshake?

What does Handshake mean to me?

Hi, I’m Mike Michelini. As far as the handshake community, knows me as Skyinclude, Flamingo Handshake and e-commerce seller, online business seller. So what does Handshake mean to me? I feel like it means freedom. To me, it means true ownership, the promise that something we create, we build as creators and artists and individuals will be kept remaining online. Well, hopefully beyond what we are doing today.

How did I find out about Handshake?

How did I get started in Handshake? Basically, my friend Chris, was pushing me, “Hey, this new domain thing.” I’m like, “I don’t know if I want new domains.” And then he says, “you have true ownership, you have your own TLD, you can do whatever you like with it”. And, that’s when he gave to me Skyinclude.

So, I was like, you know what, I’m going to build on this. I’m not just a domainer, I want to build. So I built on it.

What do I like most about Handshake?

The thing that stands out to me the most for the Handshake is the community. You know, I feel like it’s one of the few decentralized communities there is. I mean a lot of like crypto projects are saying they’re decentralized but they’re basically like a funded team with customers that are their users.

Whereas, I feel like I am a true part of the community. You know, I created Flamingo Handshake, Skyinclude. We’ve done the HandyCon. It’s all just total grassroots. And, that’s what I love about it. You know, we don’t have to ask for permission. It’s permissionless. Anybody listening is a director of Handshake. As soon as you buy a coin of HNS or buy a domain in HNS, you’re a part of this. And, it’s truly up to you as a director of Handshake. So I’m trying my best to be a part of this and I enjoy it. Thank you so much for listening.