Handshake.wiki to document, share & contribute

Contribute to the Handshake Wiki at Handshake.wiki

Share Documentations & Tutorials

Many developers and others in the Handshake community are looking for a place to share documentation and tutorials.

Github is great, but a more focused site - and one for the non-technical (people like me!) is needed.



On the HAndshake.mercenary forum, Dashen sold us handshake.wiki for 20usd! Just had to take up the offer.

.wiki is a tradition ICANN / DNS TLD, so you can access this without an HNS resolver and it can be indexed more easily in Google.

The point is - the community at large can contribute towards it and add documentation and insights. It has a WYSIWYG editor, and the community at large can apply and be approved to make and edit posts.

We need your help! Let us know how we can get you (yes, YOU!) more involved in this and contributing to the wiki.

See you there, and would love to hear any ideas and suggestions you have.