From Start To Finish

Join SkyInclude on an intensive, live, 3 hour session to learn all things Handshake

We know how much of a steep learning curve it is to get started, and that is why SkyInclude has put together a comprehensive 3 hour intensive live workshop.

The SkyInclude Handshake Course Will Go Over:

Part 1) What Is Handshake and Why Does It Need To Exist?
Before diving into the technicalities, what is the reason for Handshake to even exist? Like Bitcoin, there are many who still do not fundamentally grasp and appreciate the power of Handshake as a superior domain naming system.

So let’s make sure we all understand what amazing power we have before diving into the tech.

Part 2) Securing Your Name - Bidding and Aftermarket
We see many new directors entering Handshake and they lose their first set of names in the auctions. It is very discouraging - and we want to help change that with part 2 of this workshop.

We will go over the different strategies, and the mindset you need to be in, when starting an auction.

Is the name already claimed? Has a high buy it now price on Namebase? What are your choices? Let’s go through the thought process and get a winning formula together.

Part 3) Using Your Name
Our favorite part! 🙂
Once you have your Handshake TLD, what can you do with it?

Please, we at SkyInclude exist for the main purpose to help people USE their name.

Don’t just be a buyer and a flipper - we do not believe that adds any value to the ecosystem - except some liquidity.

You need to use the names you buy. Even if it is a simple dLink homepage, this will help you and the ecosystem.

So we will have you at least get a simple landing page up in this section.

Part 4) More Advanced Building on Handshake
The “meat” of this workshop is going to be a bit technical.

We can help you get a SkyInclude wordpress environment setup where you can build your site, and then show you how you can convert this to a Handshake site.

We’ll go through how to point your site, how to use Github, Amazon s3, Sia Skynet, Fleek, and more.

Part 5) The Vision We See in the dWeb
Now let’s talk about the future. What are some of the possibilities we see coming from Handshake and the dWeb at large.

Let’s start to brainstorm and inspire each other. You can also ask questions and inspire yourself to take more action to grow the Handshake ecosystem.

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