Cross Chain Handshake Domain Names HNS XNHNS

We can port names to XNHNS - on Matic! - how would that work - what would that do - then can start to create a ton of names - and sell them there - interesting - So I sell SLD - or can I also sell the entire TLD - or the TLD sale has to be on HNS ? Or I cannot sell the TLD at all?

Let’s discuss in today’s video!

Steps I took

Make sure you have MATIC in the polygon wallet you will be using.

Logged in to the site w/ my Polygon Meta Mask

Copied the records

Put into Bob wallet
Also tested one on Namebase:

Wait for the records to update ON CHAIN (may take 4 - 6 hours)
Check on a HNS block explorer:
But also might be 6hrs, not right after tx is mined because we need to wait for urkle tree to update

You will see the Matic balance and the migrate
ipfs resolve -r /ipfs/bafybeid7qdqhf6gz2xbjnmcvjjytm3uftfojlpegoksijtgud2nvjoni5i/manage/: no link named "manage" under bafybeid7qdqhf6gz2xbjnmcvjjytm3uftfojlpegoksijtgud2nvjoni5i

waiting from 6:30pm


Want to use your Handshake TLD (top level domain) on Ethereum, Polygon, Cosmos, or other blockchains?

Well then – XNHNS is just what you need!

This is an overview video of it, and most likely will need more videos soon….to understand how to use it more.

Part 1

Part 2