Beacon Browser – Modern Day dWeb Web Browser (+ Reviving Mercenary)

A first-class browsing experience for a decentralized internet built with web technologies and secured without third-parties.
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The team at Impervious, headed by Buffrrr, has done it again. And this - in my opinion- is a true breakthrough.

Beacon Web Browser

Built on Chromium (so it works similar to Chrome) - but has an Hns light node right inside.

So what?

This means - JUST DOWNLOAD and install Beacon - no need for plugins on browsers, no need to install anything on your computer, no IP settings on your Proxy, etc etc. Even all that stuff was over my head and I’ve been a Handshake-r for almost 2 years now.

Let’s work to grow market share for Beacon.

This is the first version that is public, so please be patient and kind. They advise to still not make it your default browser - but I am excited to make it my default browser as soon as I can.

So let’s dive in:

Download Beacon Browser

Basically - go to and choose the operating system you want to install it on.

Follow the same instructions as if you are installing Chrome / or any browser / any software.

Setup Flow - Still Lightening Fast

Now, once you install and open it for the first time - they have some easy tutorials to go through. I’ll explain each one here.

It Works For Browsing Eth Domains

This works on ENS domains as well (.eth, .forever, .badass, etc). So if you build a website on .eth using ENS domains - you will be able to natively browse that website. (I am still looking for websites build on .eth, but maybe they will come soon?)

But they explain - because Beacon cannot (or will not) download the full ethereal blockchain on your computer, it needs to trust a resolver and the settings / config that that Ethereum resolver tells Beacon to follow.

(We will compare that to Handshake’s way next)

It Works (Obviously) For Handshake domains - trustless-ly

Now, while this is being setup, it is download (syncing) a Handshake light node - HNSD.

It is VERY small and light - and only took my crappy internet a few minutes.

This is so it can TRUSTLESS-LY browse Handshake websites.

This means - no need for CA (certificate authorities)

This means - it does not need to “trust” centralized CA (certificate authorities). Many talk about Handshake disrupting ICANN, as the centralized root zone. Yes which one part.

But from my studying Handshake, another problem it is trying to solve is the “CA racket” - which is having to trust these random CA companies that are downloaded on our computer when we setup a browser.

Yes, when we download Chrome, Firefox, etc - it has these CA (certificate authorities) that are files being downloaded on our computer. That is how the SSL / HTTPS works. Hard for me to explain - but they are the files that tell the computer to trust the “green lock” HTTPS when you are browsing a website.

Handshake does not use CA as the trusted source to verify if a website server is “secured”. Instead it used DANE and TSLA records. We go through that on

Read our guide / watch our video on SSL for Handshake here.

Also - Matt Zipkin has stressed it over and over - There is no business without security

Read our guide / watch the interview video with Matt Zipkin on security for Handshake sites.

FYI - stil works on “normal” websites in DNS

To make it clear - Beacon browser still works for .com and any current ICANN domain. So it will not interrupt your own browsing.

Ideas I Have For Beacon Growth

Wouldn’t it be cool if I could be rewarded in crypto for using Beacon browser? Paid for being an early user of a new decentralized first web browser.

In HNS token would be the best - for the tokenomics of Handshake and the ecosystem in general. But if a new coin was needed, still a great incentive.

I think I noticed it in the Beacon preview video, but to do commands and actions from the browser itself. Do more “handshake” actions within the URL bar.

True Decentralized Internet - Use Beacon Browser & Handshake.mercenary

So - want a website to use on Handshake?

Remember handshake.mercenary?
It kind of turned into a ghost town - because:
Many didn’t want to or have an easy way to navigate to Handshake website (and you need it to signup and post - didn’t work)
Namebase released Namer News which sucked all our users out to go there.
People said they wanted to use “login w/ Handshake” - and we haven’t figured out how to do that on handshake mercenary .

But you know what - LET US BRING IT BACK.

While you cannot use your handshake name as a username - you can use a Handshake domain name to prove you are actually using Handshake websites.

Isn’t that more important than logging in w/ a Handshake domain (via Namebase?)

So - Download Beacon Browser + Join Us In Handshake Mercenary

I’m re-inspired to bring back the forum - we always kept it online - but it has truly been a graveyard since last Spring. Let us bring it back - post, engage.

We will share more insights and plans for how we think Handshake as an ecosystem can grow.

See you on the other side of the web - in a decentralized domain forum.

Join me in Handshake.mercenary (lets re-ignite that!)
Will post some exclusive strategy ideas and concepts there.

Some features I wanted to highlight from the setup screens:


Access names on Ethereum


Forever domains are domains with no renewal fees, ever. They are deployed on Ethereum and not controlled by anyone. Try opening impervious.forever!

Beacon enables you to access names on Ethereum Name System too, try humbly.eth.

Note: we still rely on gateways to access Ethereum names until their peer-to-peer network becomes more accessible to light clients.

Sync Status on Handshake Blockchain


It may take a few seconds to finish syncing. You can continue browsing; HNS domains will be accessible once it's ready

Which only took about 1 to 2 minutes:


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A first-class browsing experience for a decentralized internet built with web technologies and secured without third-parties.
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