What is an Emoji TLD on Handshake Blockchain?

What is an Emoji Domain? Here’s a quick 1 minute video clipped from the intro during the Flamingo Handshake.

You can read more about handshake Emoji domains further down on this page.

How to verify Emoji Domains

Just a quick video here on how to verify Emoji domains in Handshake before making a large investment.

There are some tips and tricks here too.

  • “Puny Code”

    First - it is called “Puny Code” and the site many of us use is punycoder.com where you can convert an emoji to “puny code” (which is readable text and numbers by browsers) and from puny code into emoji.

  • emojipedia.org

    Another site we like to use is emojipedia.org which has categories and also most popular emojis. You can also see when the emoji was created - with the assumption that older ones are more widespread on browsers and keyboards. Another cool feature is what this emoji is similar to. We feel those without “skin tone” are more broadly used.

  • Puny Code Length

    After that one “trick” we have found is the length of the puny code. The shorter the puny code, normally we have found the older and more original it is.

  • Does the emoji show up on your most popular browsers?

    Another way - does the emoji show up on your most popular browsers? Open the browser (in namebase) with that emoji page - does it show up in Chrome, Firefox, etc? If it is a white box, that means that browser does not support it - and therefore is not as popular.

  • Can you copy/paste it?

    And last, can you copy/paste it? Some of these emoji we have seen our mouse cannot even copy it / highlight it. That is something we are not even sure what it means - but you need to be careful out there.


PunyCoder and lately we have heard of another PunyCode.io.

Emoji domains are exciting and do seem promising - but we would just want you to spend some time understanding the market and the technology before making a large investment.

Also refer to our Vercel guide where we explain how to use that hosting to make Emoji sites, as well as other non-English domains.

Examples of fake emoji - https://www.namebase.io/domains/xn--1uga12127a

the real one is xn--728h

Feedback from a Telegram group

About the Emojis with 1UG at the beginning.

There is a flooding of these in the marketplace and this is what we are hearing in the Handshake Telegram groups, Durendil says:

Don't think that the name itself has value, it just has the value we want to give it

Still, I thought that emoji names starting with 1ug were emojis with "mutators" so less valuable ?

how to look up emojis:

1. Go https://getemoji.com/

2. Search your wanted emoji

3. Copy it

4. Enter it to https://www.punycoder.com/ at text form

5. Click convert to punycode - that's what you want to get. xn--blahblah