Difference of Handshake and YAT

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Dougal’s Question:

Hey! Forgive my ignorance…is Handshake a cheaper way to buy emoji domains? Was considering buying a Yat emoji domain but Handshake keeps coming up! Any advice greatly appreciated!

My answer:

hi Dougal, sure no prob to ask questions! Handshake is a protocol for Top Level Domain (.emoji, .name) on a blockchain. here’s a video and tutorial I made about it https://skyinclude.com/emoji-domains/

Y.at is new I have yet to study it deeply but it is a subdomain on y.at so a different use case

obviously if you ask in a Handshake Telegram, we’d be biased.

Hope this helps!

Another user’s answer:

I don’t know how much emoji names are going for on yat, but that’s because I thought it was a stupid project after looking into it so I don’t pay it any mind. You aren’t buying a domain, you are renting a name from yat company, and they can take it from you whenever they feel like it.

A handshake name on the other hand is forever locked into the blockchain (handshake has their own blockchain) and is an actual functioning domain.

for example your yat name is just y.at/emojiemojiemoji

handshake emoji domains are like

http://❤️/ or http://shop.🌿/

Mark Smith’s Writeup

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Yat Emoji Domain is:
A subdomain on y.at/ that is a profile page
Example – https://y.at/%F0%9F%9A%80%F0%9F%8C%95

A Handshake Domain(Emoji or otherwise)
A domain extension on Handshake blockchain
Example – our “squinting eyes with tongue out” http://xn--728h/

Learn more about Yat

Learn more about Handshake

Whitepaper site – http://handshake.org

Namebase.io which is the biggest private company on top of handshake’s blockchain to register and bid.