Buy and Sell An Entire Income Generating Domain Extension Business

Want to learn how to get started with Impervious’s registry? Check out part 1 - where we staked .omen to the Impervious registry 9

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Buy .omen (or make an offer!)


Check SLD sales on an Impervious tld w/ this format (change TLD)

The future is coming faster than many of us think. And today, we use sites like Flippa to buy and sell income generating businesses.

Well - web3 is fast changing that - and in this session we explain how a Handshake registry company - Impervious - has evolved from being a platform for HNS TLD owners to “stake” their domain extension (TLD) to their Ethereum smart contract - to now allowing those same owners to list the entire CASH GENERATING ASSET for sale.

Yes - you can buy and sell a Handshake TLD business that has recurring yearly income from SLD sales.

Always best explained by taking a case study.

We were an early adopter of the Impervious registry staking SkyInclude’s .omen - and were blessed with support in the community selling quite a bit of .omen names.

These are yearly renewable domains - and there is a lot we want to do on this domain extension. It is also a good luck vibe for owners in our opinion.

Well - now we can sell the entire .omen TLD extension - AND any future SLD domain renewal income that comes from it.


A business right there.

All trustlessly on the Ethereum blockchain.

The new owner (if we did sell .omen) would get the new income generated and if we were to sell, would not get any future income from it (just the upfront ethereum we’d receive if we were to sell it).