Impervious Registry

Want to learn how to sell your HNS TLD on Ethereum via Impervious? Check part 2 How to buy and sell Handshake TLDs staked on Impervious.

To register: (support us and buy a .omen domain!)

To stake:

Connect Metamask ethereum wallet


Type Value Copy
NS 0x06081C6B2B876EABDC41DFD3345e8Fa59588C02e._eth.
TXT eth-claim:0x9fa99bbF57903d431D55bAE5E0F5b4917C60f02f

We have this name in Namebase (for now)
And edit the blockchain records:


Decide to WAIT for evergreen until there is option to do lifetime

So picked OMEN for now - as this is an OMEN for the good things to come for HNS
From Bob Wallet

And verified within about 20 minutes
We paid the gas fee

Buying a Domain on Impervious Registry

We bought online.www for 0.006 ETH (5L + is that price) per year
Step 1 - request

Wait 60 seconds (literally it counts down)
Then register, to pay the 0.006 eth plus gas fees, pere below (gwei is about 10 right now btw)

Here it is on OpenSea.
And this is how you update the records

For unverified TLDs
Not sent to burn address, will show this
The extension `.omen` is unverified. Be careful when buying names from TLDs that are not permanently delegated to the registry if you don't trust the owner!

Getting Verified TLD on Impervious Registry

How to get your domain extension (TLD) that blue “checkbox” ? Following instructions from

So we sent the TLD to the burn address:


Mike carson help

Mike Carson, [Jul 25, 2022 at 10:02:02 AM]:

awesome! there will be a way to easily verify your TLD on the UI soon, but I can walk you through how to do it on etherscan

first you go here:

then click on the "Connect to Web3" button to connect metamask

then click the lockWithProof method

these are the params:

label = 0x48a8a8cb83734e7609436af47897037d13e6b3d0f8e0b644444c73c768520f57

claim = 0x9fa99bbF57903d431D55bAE5E0F5b4917C60f02f

expire = 1658800746

signature = 0xef960aed33110eb7bf90223ad572bef1aa29d4a32d47d8931839ebcf2b5708e04ff7c6983830d7e0dc12c2201f2d776f023a5b0795ae8f97ef4e0379b061dec51c

then click the "write" button to submit the transaction


then you should have the blue checkmark on to show you have locked .omen


And there it is - the second TLD to have the blue check (after .www)

Getting Verified TLD on Impervious Registry

Quick video to kick off the new year - Impervious just keeps on building and delivering! This tweet to start the new year


We're kicking off the new year w/ an exciting new release of Impervious Domains!

New features include:

* Personalized TLD landing pages
* One-click staking with Bob Wallet Extension
* Custom NFT metadata

Happy New Year! 🎉

You can read their pretty clear documentation at

1. Personalized TLD landing pages - this is a nice one - so for our .omen that we have staked - we can set up a thumbnail and background image for it and it will show at

And we go to
Go to the TLD management page at (Replace omen with your staked TLD name)

Which contains these images

And add


2. One click staking with Bob Wallet Extension -

3. Custom NFT metadata - in addition to the TLD landing page - dSLD (decentralized SLD, or decentralized domain) owners can set meta data now that would show up on platforms such as Opensea.

4. Forever domain integration - you can watch SkyInclude’s guide at
So our .forever domain now can also be managed in the Impervious domain system, which makes it nice. (Wonder if their early OG .badass will also move? )