Impervious Registry Vs Unstoppable Domains Registrar

Always love input from our Youtube viewers - and Oscar had a great idea when he watched the “blockchain customers “video ( where I compare Unstoppable Domains as an equal “customer” of Ethereum blockchain as Impervious domains is.
Impervious Registry Vs Unstoppable Domains Registrar 2
So let’s dig into a comparison.

Dug This Comparison Up From Forever Domains

Another Impervious project is which is a lifetime domain for a .forever domain that is on the Handshake TLD blockchain.

This is a nice graphic of that (source:

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Forever Domains is more similar to Unstoppable than Impervious Domains, in my opinion - because of this lifetime SLD registration topic.

Back to Impervious vs Unstoppable Domains

So what are some key differences?

Root Zone (HNS) vs No Root Zone (UNS? Or web3 alliance?)

Well - for those Handshake supporters - Impervious is using the Handshake (HNS) blockchain as the root zone.

Unstoppable Domains, I don’t think follows any root zone, or I had seen on Twitter screenshots of Discord chats in Unstoppable where they have something called UNS (Unstoppable Naming System). They are as of their sponsorship at the Web Summit event, doing a web3alliance with other blockchain domain wallet projects?

So for any TLD to be “staked” on Impervious -you need to own the TLD on the Handshake TLD blockchain in order to do that.

In Unstoppable Domain’s case - they issue their own TLDs, and make them up out of thin air.

Unstoppable Is the Only Seller, Impervious is a Platform of Sellers

The next major difference - Unstoppable Domains is the only issuer / minter of SLD domains. The community (or customers) buy these domains from them, or on secondary.

Whereas with Impervious, sure - the Impervious team has staked some of their own TLDs, but anyone who has a HNS TLD can stake their TLD to sell SLDs (domains).

We discuss this on our overview of the Impervious Registry at

So one is a 1 sided seller system where the funds all go to a US bank account (Unstoppable’s corporation) which then can be minted onto a blockchain, and the other (Impervious) is permission less and a platform that is minted on the Ethereum blockchain and is open to anyone (that owns a HNS TLD).

Integration Support - Unstoppable’s VC Funding War Chest is Way Ahead

I know the Twitter replies will be “what about integrations”. And yes, Unstoppable Domain has spent a lot of time (hiring talented business development analysts in their company) and money (paying browsers and tools) to get integrations for their NFT domains.

And by far, as of writing this blog, Unstoppable Domains has many more integrations on both browsers (Brave and Opera) and wallets (Metamask, Opensea) than Impervious.

This is the main reason it seems there are Unstoppable Domain customers. They believe having this centralized VC funded entity to pay for intonations to get adoption early will be the ticket to winning the web 3 domain “game”.

I’ve had the pleasure to talk to many at Impervious and they are working their butts off. They don’t have VC funding as of the time I’m typing this, but they are bootstrapping and building. I do believe they will invest more into integrations soon.

On top of that - the domains themselves will work like other Handshake domains (on other blockchains or in the traditional domain naming system - DNS) without any effort or investment from Impervious.

As Handshake adoption grows, so will Impervious’s integrations.

Meaning, they don’t have to do all the investing and integrations themselves, it will happen organically as the open source, permission less, Handshake blockchain grows.

I’m a David vs Goliath Kinda Person, and I believe in Open Source

As you can tell, I’m a believer in the Impervious Domains model over the Unstoppable Domains model.

One is an open platform - Impervious - where I can stake our SkyInclude .omen and earn income (sure, I don’t mind to share 20% with Impervious for this service).

The other, I am a customer who buys domains and hopes to sell them on a “blockchain”. And am asking the team “wen next integration” , “wen this, wen moon”.

I prefer permissionless, decentralized. Where I can start my own Flamingo Handshake auctions and don’t need to call up the business development department of the company to ask if it is ok.

So you can choose your side. Maybe you think VC and money and teams is what it takes and that is all taht matters. Yet I believe web3 is mean to be more than VC funded companies and centralized teams. I believe web3 is meant to be owned by the people.

And that is why I support Impervious, and other Handshake “customers” of blockchains.