ShakeDex Tutorial - Decentralized Exchange for Handshake TLD Names using Bob Wallet

After an amazing Handycon ( we saw a nice presentation from - the first decentralized exchange for Handshake names

SkyInclude is also excited as ShakeDex made their announcement first on our Handshake.mercenary forum, and Bob Wallet made their first contact with them - which lead to an integration of ShakeDex and Bob Wallet!

Today, we will go through a video using Bob Wallet (for a blog and video on Bob Wallet, click here

Now You Can Transfer to ShakeDex Direct from Centralized Exchanges (Namebase)

Do you want to skip an extra step of transferring from Namebase to Bob Wallet to Shakedex?

In Mid April - we saw the Shakedex developer announce a way to send it directly from Namebase to Shakedex here.

ShakeDex v0.0.13 is now live! This release adds an important new feature: external locking addresses. Users can now transfer their names directly from centralized exchanges to a ShakeDex locking script. Here's how it works Down pointing backhand index

1. Create an external locking address by running shakedex create-external-lock . The CLI will spit out a locking address.

2. Transfer your names from your CEX of choice to the locking address.

3. Run shakedex create-auction as normal. It's that easy

Seems you need some CLI command line experience, but it is possible

Watch The HandyCon ShakeDex Presentation Here

Watch the replay video here from HandyCon

Install Bob Wallet (Latest Release)

We won’t go into how to use Bob Wallet on this tutorial - check out our dedicated guide for that - but today we will just make sure you are using the latest version.

As we type this - you need to use the an early release, but we are sure it will be a production release soon. In the Telegram group for Bob, they are updating it fast as bugs are found.

Go To The Exchange Tab

Then let’s go through each main action

1. Listing a TLD for auction
2. Finalizing a TLD for auction
3. Buying a TLD from the ShakeDex platform

Submitting a Listing

You can also read ShakeDex’s official docunentation here -
Click the create listing button.

Choose the TLD you want to list.

Enter the starting price - HIGH price to start the auction. This is a reverse auction, so it starts high and then drops over time.

Ending price - the lowest price you will sell the TLD for

Duration - 1, 3, 5, 7, or 14 days - personally I would recommend the 14 days - to get the most amount of time for people to see the auction (but I’m also still learning this)

Wait 288 Blocks (2 days)

Now - you are TRANSFERRING out your handshake TLD to another wallet where its held for the auction.

Finalize the Auction

Now we need to list the name (after the 2 days) - and we are doing this on the video via Bob wallet.

Check The Listings on

You will see your names and other names there. It takes a bit of time to propagate.

Buying (Filling) an Auction TLD

Now that we have the sell side covered, let’s buy a TLD.

We will actually buy one for the tutorial (taking it for the team here, ha) 4813/ a 4 digit TLD - currently at 157 HNS

I could wait another day for it to go Lower (BUT someone may buy it) - so I have serious FOMO on missing this amazing TLD (heh…) so I want to get in before someone else does.

I click fill, and then buy it.

Check the video

Another Way to Monetize in Handshake

We are happy to see more options for Handshake TLD owners to monetize their portfolio.

We also hope this is a way for buyers to get access to some pretty amazing names.

So get started today!
Check out or download the latest Bob at

Check more guides from SkyInclude here

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