NFTs on Handshake? Tarot Card Collection


Many people in the crypto space are gaga over NFTs and there is debate whether Handshake TLDs are NFTs or not (I vote it is) - but today Matt Zipkin has shown a unique way to create NFTs on Handshake.

And for this second HandyCon - read more at handshake.conference, he is putting together an auction on Shakedex (read our guide on Shakedex here).

Lets dive in on today’s video

Here are some highlights from the video:

Select Images of the NFTs

Link to the collection:
On HNS https://TheHandshakeTarot/
On the “normal web”

Matt’s Tarot Card on HNS announcement - ​​

As text here:

Pick a random card right now with an #HNS resolver:

`dig card.thehandshaketarot TXT`

More ways to draw Handshake Tarot cards and get a personal reading from the blockchain at:


The Handshake Tarot will be sold by decentralized auction using
@bob_wallet_hns and Shakedex.

>50% of all sales will go to @hnsfund to add creative content to the #HNS namespace.



One 8.5" x 11" full-color print of each Handshake Tarot card will be shipped free to the auction winners of each NFT. Shipping addresses must be submitted as messages signed by The Handshake Tarot domain name.

Unlike most NFT art projects - this artwork is ACTUALLY ON THE BLOCKCHAIN. Whoever owns these domain names can alter or even delete the art, and only them. Learn more about the technical details:


If you do not have a Handshake resolver installed yet, you can still visit the website using this obnoxiously ugly URL, hosted in the centralized ICANN namespace and secured by centralized certificate authorities:

Amazing work!

Not sure about you, but I am gonna try to snag one or two if I can! Thanks Matt for your amazing contributions to HNS and while I may not qualify for a print version (I’m outside US), that is a nice perk too.