It is back! Wallet/ is back

The day has come! Claim your old .wallet domains from the Gateway bankruptcy case!

Almost 2 years later, and we have seen Scott deliver! He stuck with us in court, not just defending .wallet on Handshake, but also Handshake in general.

And now it is coming to, which is an epic win!

If you had any wallet domains at Gateway - now is your chance to reconnect!

Check your previous gateway email and you can claim yours

.wallet hnsid

Here’s the text version
Claim your .wallet domains

Hi Namer,

We're excited to finally reconnect you to your .wallet domains from Gateway! We truly appreciate your patience throughout this process.

Claim your domains for FREE!
You can use the link or button below to claim your domain(s) on HNS.ID. No payment is required — just make sure your Optimism wallet is ready to go.

Don't miss out!
You can claim your domains at your convenience but don't delay. Open registrations for .wallet begins on May 20th. After this date, reserved names will become available to the public, and your names could get snapped up.

Claim Link

Claim Domains
If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact support.

claim your domainsclaim your domains 2
And it will show up in your wallet
wallet will show up

You’ll need an Optimism (OP / ethereum) wallet to do so, and you can follow our previous guide on HNS ID here.

Thank you, Scott (owner of .wallet on Handshake), and Namebase / Namecheap for sticking with the movement of a free and fair internet.

Written Earlier (This has been an ongoing saga!
Handshake .wallet is back!

The whole Handshake community, and Skyinclude here, has been at their edge of their seats about this painful process of the .wallet TLD Scott has on our beautiful and decentralized blockchain.

Approaching 2 years now since the lawsuit and bankruptcy happened - but there is light at the end of the tunnel!

It is coming back - and at which is a SLD registrar on the Optimism blockchain (Ethereum L2)

Those who were affected and had .wallet domains at Gateway will be able to restore their access/ownership to these domains on, and don’t worry - others won’t be able to register them (I must imagine though if you don’t claim your name by a certain grace period you’d lose your right to claim, let's stay tuned).