Monetizing Your Handshake TLD: Staking with Namebase Registry

Part 1: Namebase Registry

The day has come! The Namebase registry program has opened to everyone! We did a video and guide about about SLD (second level domains) on Handshake and went through the basics of it there – so check that out.

But now – the program is FINALLY – open to all Namebase users.

To submit their TLD (. Extension) to sell SLD (domain . Extension) on and potentially encirca and 101domain

In today’s video, we will go through the process actually submitting a name – reading through the Namer News posts, the comparisons, and the thought process.

Again, in an effort to show the potential of these TLD names.

We also hope this starts to move the “flipping” to “promotion” of the TLD names people own. Imagine all these funny memes turning into advertisements to register a SLD (domain) on that specific name.

It is all possible – and while it may take a couple weeks to start to see, we think by May the ecosystem will be a lot different in the marketing and presentation of Handshake to the world.

Enjoy the video!


Mark Smith’s Namer News writeup

Clay Collin’s registrar company / site

Clay Collins talk on .c

Part 2: Namebase Registry - Listing Active

So exciting! Gateway has now activated the listings of the staked TLDs Namebase TLD owners submitted - April 20 , 2021 timeframe and we want to share some of the tips and strategies and what we are noticing

Use Deep Links

We saw people sharing on Twitter that their TLDs are listed - but are sending them direct to the Gateway homepage - instead - we recommend linking direct to the Landing page

Gateway: Coffees TLD

Making a Site or At Least Landing Page

So for the case study of .coffees - we decided to use an existing domain - and add a sub-page on it

Notice we are deep linking right to the registration page / search page for .coffees on gateway.

And once (hopefully) Encirca and 101domain add it - we can add the deep links there as well.

Turn Your Memes into sales Pages

Now - we are loving all these funny HNS memes - now it is time to convert those to sales campaigns.

In them - you can link to your landing page or direct to the “deep link” on Gateway and convert that amazing creative energy into sales to support you and the ecosystem.

I believe You Need to Drive Your Own Traffic

With the huge surge of new TLDs added to Gateway, I hope people are not expecting people to visit the site and register the names.

You will need to do outbound work. Find targeting clients who would use that TLD for an SLD for their company. Make a marketing campaign. Make a landing page. Posters.

Promote those who actually signup and use the SLD - on your own site. I got the idea from the interview I did with Clay Collins (owner of .c) - maybe the SLD owners can be part of a DAO in the future (not sure how that would technically work)

BUT basically - SLD customers are part of your community in that TLD. Treat them that way, support them. Build a platform to promote those people and drive traffic to their sites.

The Community Is Empowered

I am so excited to see this amazing - decentralized community - Handshake be able to monetize its effort.

And this I believe will help the HNS domains to be more adopted and widespread. Now people can buy an SLD with a credit card - no need for HNS.

Sure, if they want to own an actual TLD - they need to learn - but this is a great way to dip their toe in the water.

Part 3: Gateway Affiliate Program

Gateway Launches Affiliate Program

We’re excited to see Gateway has launched an affiliate program for the domain registrations!

This means - “we can open the floodgates” even more - by allowing people to share the handshake SLD registry program here with their Twitter, or other social media platform.

How to enroll?

Login to your account and check off the terms of services and you’ll get your code.

So some strategies and ideas for TLD owners in the program:

1) Use the affiliate code in your own marketing!
Why not make that extra commission on top of the income in HNS you’ll receive from Namebase’s payout?

You’re doing the outreach and marketing (or you better be!) and so why not add this income to your marketing / ad spend.

2) Ask Influencers, Youtubers, to add this to their posts
Influencer marketing is a great way to bring awareness to your TLD on the SLD program.

Try gifting a name (or at cost, need to ask Namebase for the details) and then let them know they can also signup for the affiliate program.

To add this to their bio or youtube description on their social media platform.

Did you know Unstoppable Domains has been doing this for ages?
Now it is Handshake’s turn.

3) Growth Hacks - find affiliates already promoting other domain system
If you’re a techie - you can scrape / search / advanced Google search query to find people who are already affiliates of other domain name companies.

Such as Unstoppable Domains.

Then you can assume they would be pretty open (or at least consider) adding an additional affiliate link for Handshake / Gateway.

Cuz, they already “raised their hand” to earn commission on selling on SLD system, so why not add another?

Get creative, and get paid for sharing Handshake!
What we are mostly excited about is MORE marketing and getting people paid for marketing.

Adding even more ways for social media marketers, influencers, and business people to earn cash while also spreading the word, we believe, is the best way to grow to the next stage.

One important clarification:

The commission percentage *starts* at 15%, and it scales up to 40%!

The more you sell, the higher your percentage goes.

1-10: 15%

11-50: 20%

51-100: 25%

101-500: 30%

501-1000: 35%

1000+: 40%