Making NFT Domains with ENS Domains, Unstoppable, Or Handshake Names

A few ways to do this:

While SkyInclude focuses on Handshake (HNS), we want to make a comprehensive post to go through various options for minting blockchain domains and how it works as an NFT.

For ENS domains

Buying the SLD domain name of .eth (and “minting” it) on and or buying on an existing NFT marketplace like

For Unstoppable Domains

Go to and buy a .crypto or .zil second level domain – and esentially minting it.

We have a post about differences of Unstoppable Domains and Handshake here.

For Handshake Domains (HNS)

Option 1 – a HNS TLD

The Handshake blockchain is a TLD blockchain.

That means, the .skyinclude we have, is verifiable on that blockchain and can be sold as an NFT.

But, there isn’t an option (yet) on Handshake’s blockchain for SLDs to be verified on its blockchain.

Option 2 – Registering an Ethereum Bridge Based HNS Name Such as .badass domain and listing it as an NFT

The simple one is to go to and registering (call it mint) the SLD domain.

We have videos where we are doing that for handshake.badass


Option 3 – Third Level Domains (mike.handshake.badass)

I learned this from Kiba in part 2 of the .badass tutorials – but you can also create your own register.

for example, we have handshake.badass.

now, we could figure out how to make handshake.badass into its own ethereum based domain registrar, and allow people to “mint” on Ethereum (basically register) a domain on yourdomainname.handshake.badass.

This only works if it is a registrar. If I made a third level domain (ie subdomain) in my account, then I can’t sell that as a NFT as it is not minted on Ethereum with a smart contract of ownership.

Useful Links:

Register with Unstoppable (use my affiliate code here)

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