What Are The Competitors to Handshake HNS?

A common question people ask is – what is the difference with Handshake and other naming systems? Today we will give a brief overview of the competitors out there we are aware of – and then link to our own dedicated videos and text blog (and work on making them as we go).

Check The Full Detailed Blogs on Various Competitors Here

We are making individual blog posts and videos on each one, and here is the list of handshake-competitors

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Traditional Domains (.com, etc)

First, sure, people can still register a .com – just like we have skyinclude.com and it works. But it is not on blockchain technology and cannot be used an NFT.

But there is a tool working on fixing that, in our next item:

ENS Domains (Ethereum Naming System), .eth

The next one is .eth, or ENS domains – at https://app.ens.domains/ built on Ethereum blockchain.

We have a 28 minute video and extensive writeup on this one here.

Main point – it is building on top of the current legacy TLD naming system with their blockchain solution. Starting with .eth, they will expand to other domain extensions in the current naming system. You register a normal domain, with the yearly fees (plus Eth gas fees).

Compared to Handshake, which is totally new TLD (domain extensions) in the million+ now.

Unstoppable Domains (.crypto , .zil)

Next on the list is the Unstoppabledomains.com team which is a funded tech startup in Silicon Valley.
In May 2019, they raised $4 million in a Series A funding round led by Draper Associates with additional support from Boost VC. Previously, Unstoppable Domains has received grants from Zilliqa and the Ethereum Foundation

You register a domain on .crypto or .zil and it is a lifetime paymeent.

.crypto is on the ethereum blockchain
.zil is on the 9999


We have a video and guide here.

Yat Emojii Names (y.at)

We have a guide and video here.

This is a emoji only identity – not meant to be a domain system (from my understanding but I cannot find much information about the future plans of the blockchain)

Butterfly (BFLY)

Butterfly Protocol got our our radar when their coin went live earlier this year.

We need to study this more, but it is an ethereum based TLD system similar to what Handshake is doing.

But they seem to not at all be worried or concerned with collisions in other naming systems

We will make a dedicated guide on this soon.

Polkadot Name Service, PNS

We are still studying this newer naming system of domains on Pokadot.

Newly developing, looks like will be under the ticker $NAME

We will make a guide once we study this one more closely.


The Length of Domain Name
• Short domain name (3–6 characters, auction required, example: chainx.dot)
• Long domain name (7–12 characters, rental fees for certain period and registration required, example: chainxpool.dot)


Looks like it is evolving from ChainX
ChainX is the largest Layer-2 network of Bitcoin,based on substrate technology, will evolve into the Polkadot Network as a secondary relay chain eventually.


BitDNS decentralized cloud computing platform will include: elastic computing, edge computing, Internet of Things, distributed AI computing, distributed application components (database, storage, CDN, streaming media, microservices, messaging services, etc.)



Why Handshake?

So why are we at SkyInclude so pro-Handshake?

It seems so pure. So open. So much like the needed solution to the current centralization of TLDs at the root zone. It is true ownership on a dedicated blockchain, Handshake, with HNS token. You only pay a small mining fee every 2 years to keep your name, and you have essentially limitless SLD domains you can put on your TLD. (Like like how many domains can be on a .com)

It is a grassroots, and decentralized protocol where anyone, like us here at SkyInclude, can be a director and part of the project.

As tech people, we see it as a solution that can be integrated across all kinds of other blockchains, and see more and more integrations coming out on a frequent basis.

Don't Forget - We Also have Dedicated Guides

As we mentioned at the beginning - we have some of these protocols outlined in a dedicated blog post and video - here’s the running list for you to dig your teeth into.


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Butterfly Protocol Bfly

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