Transferring a Site in Handshake

Have a Handshake domain and looking to move it between registrars? Then these guides are perfect for you!

Transfer Guides

Transferring a Handshake domain is important. It is the true ownership of one to another account / wallet. There are more and more ways developing on how to do this - so we have expanded this from a single page to a listing of each way - and will keep adding to it.

Let's go through some ways you can move Handshake domains between users and registrars and wallets.


Transfer Handshake Domain from 1 Bob Wallet to Another Bob Wallet

This is called an Atomic Swap. On the left side is Alice, the seller (giving the domain for HNS). On the right side is Bob, the buyer (giving HNS for ...

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How To Transfer Handshake Domain to Namebase From Bob Wallet

Maybe you want to sell it on the Namebase marketplace, or the new buyer is on Namebase and wants to claim ownership there? Whichever the reason - today we will ...

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How to Transfer Handshake Domains in/out of Namebase

For those not aware, is the dominant marketplace and registrar of Handshake domains. Basically, seems the majority are using them to do their bidding in auctions, as well as ...

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Transfer Github Pages

We use Github pages. To transfer- get your github username (or signup free) and send it to us, with the receipt of your purchase of the site to Transferring ...

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