Handshake Communities

(Telegram Groups, Discord, and more)

What are some Chat Groups and other communities you can join to connect with other Handshake enthusiasts?

Watch this video to find out:

Discord Communities

Namer Community on Discord by Namebase

Namebase has done an amazing job building up the Handshake community and ecosystem - and they have one of the most active communities for the Handshake ecosystem.

You can join their Discord here

Note - change your username to your “Handshake” Domain name (userID) - to get verified as an official namer - they want you to change your Discord name in the Namer Community to be one of your Handshake names. This way, it shows you are serious and an active Handshake community member.

Read our overview and guides on Namebase here:

read namebase guides

Telegram Groups and Communities

There are a whole bunch of Telegram groups 

Handshake Developers

This is for the techies who are building on Handshake. This is moderated by Steve McKie and the team at Handy Miner.

join the group
read handybrowser guide


This is an informal group to offer and buy Handshake TLD names.

Bob Wallet

Those using Bob wallet

read bobwallet guide

GoldShell Mining

Those using, or interested in - Goldshell

Read our blog post and video tutorial here

Sinpapeles  (Sinpa)

Fernando the developer at Sinpa put together a group for those using the parking and other services he has

You can read our guide on Sinpa here


The Shake

This is an epic one that comes out weekly to update us all on the top selling names and other news in the industry.

You can subscribe here


Chinese Handshake Community

Those who speak Chinese or are interested to network with Chinese Handshake enthusiasts, check out HNSfans.com and scan the QR code to join the current Wechat group (many groups forming now)