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Monetizing Your Handshake TLD: Staking with Namebase Registry

The day has come! The Namebase registry program has opened to everyone! We did a video and guide about about SLD (second level domains) on Handshake and went through the ...

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How To Use HDNS Handshake Resolver (Browse Handshake sites on a whole network!)

For months I have been using Next DNS with Google Chrome setting and it is working fine. But I am moving one step closer to a full Handshake internet experience ...

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Finding Good Buying Opportunities on the Namebase Handshake Marketplace

The Emoji name market on Handshake is really picking up. You can watch and read our Emoji guide at for thee basics of it And still there are great ...

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Overview of Namebase for Bidding, Buying, and Selling Handshake Domains

Have an account, be verified, and eventually funding your account You can do it 1 by 1 (manually), or if you have a list of domains, you can do a ...

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Namebase HNS Transfer

You (or the person you are sending it to) will copy the HNS address from their dashboard on Namebase (or whichever HNS wallet you are using).  This address is for ...

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How to Transfer Handshake Domains in/out of Namebase

For those not aware, is the dominant marketplace and registrar of Handshake domains. Basically, seems the majority are using them to do their bidding in auctions, as well as ...

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